About Us

GWM2 GWM Media Ltd is a professional multimedia production & recording company dedicated to transforming peoples dreams into reality. We create a wide assortment of marketing materials – from music/audio recording and producing professional video programs for broadcast or streaming to full color brochures, catalogues, and posters. We also provide online music distributions, TV/Online promotion and advertising. We even bring your message to the audience of the twenty-first century by producing interactive World Wide Web sites.

We cater for all UK and Spanish clients.  Request a quick quote today.
info@gwmmedia.com or call +34 674 558 023 (Spain)


Video Production

We can produce your professional videos for very competitive proces

Audio Production

Our sound engineers have over 15 years experience in audio production for TV, music, radio or promos. Tell us your need and we’ll bring your dreams to reality.

Web designing

From the basics to the high end websites, we maintain our rules; providing quality.

Radio Stream Hosting

Want to start an online radio?

Speak to us, we will set you up and you be broadcasting in 30 minutes.

Broadcasting Consultancy

Want to start a satellite TV or IPTV?

We have over 10 year of experience in TV channel transmission management and broadcasting and we are proud to be acquainted with some of the best broadcasters in the world.  Just fill in our contact form and one of our members will be in touch.