In March 2015, GWM Media was commissioned as the main filming crew by a Felicity Corbin Wheeler of Felicity is a survivor of pancreatic cancer diagnosis 2003; she beat cancer using the holistic approach of laetrile, raw enzymatic diet for the body, prayer and obedience to God’s Healing Word spiritually.
Since healing from cancer, Felicity dedicated her life to spreading her healing knowledge and message of hope around the world; through her Get Well Stay Well courses.

She is now a Hippocrates Health Educator, Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, always researching integrative modalities such as the Bob Beck protocol to use in combination with the basic Gerson Therapy which helped her heal. She also has her own weekly 90 minute Get Well Stay Well television show on Revelation TV which is broadcasting to 169 countries.
During her recent a trip to USA and Mexico, GWM’s task was to follow Felicity and film a series of medical specialists and doctors interviews; as she visited some of the top world cancer hospitals and clinics in Mexico, which also included the famous Oasis Of Hope Hospital – Tijuana, Mexico, then continued on to the 2015 Integrated Health International Conference in San Diego California.

Well, apart from having such a great time doing what we know and love to do best, we are grateful to announce that once again this was another extremely happy customer…. Another “Job Well Done” ………Mission accomplished.
Here is a sample of our work….Enjoy.