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Be Do Have TV - UK
GWM Media working under produced an number of BeDoHave TV Idents and a series of videos used on BeDoHave TV Be Do Have TV is the first Life Coaching Television channel that will help you with every aspect of your life. - UK
GWM Media working under, produced Harly Street TV Ident and a series of video feturing interviews and studio discussions used used on is a joint Internet television venture between HarleyStreet World, a consumer healthcare marketing company that offers marketing support to doctors and clinics in Harley Street, and Vision IPTV, a leading Internet television broadcaster.

Website Designing

Website samples

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church - UK
Emmanuel, whilst being one of the oldest Pentecostal churches in the area, still maintains a fresh, lively and enthusiastic approach to worshiping God and living the Christian life.
Ganda Boys - UK
The Ganda Boys are a new and refreshing sound in Afrobeat, soul, funk, rock and World music. The band was formed in 2008 during an exciting collaboration on the BBC-TV drama series, MOSES JONES.
Glory TV - UK
Glory TV (GTV) is a fast growing unique Christian channel catering for multi cultural audiences. Through daily live interactive shows, Glory TV has captured millions of homes in UK and Europe through Sky Digital on Euro bird transponder.
Kyeyo World, Kyeyo Radio and KR Gospel - UK is a community website that is dedicated to East Africans in the diaspora. represents a team of independent LifeWave distributors based in Spain. The website provides information to get started with LifeWave products. LifeWave products are unique and help people worldwide. or is a brand new entertainment directory in Spain, designed to help you find all types of entertainment quickly and efficiently. Find everything for your next event – bands, musicians, dj’s, entertainers and all related entertainment services and businesses.
The Ganda Foundation - UK
The Ganda Foundation was established during 2009 by Denis Mugagga, Craig Pruess and Daniel Sewagudde of the GANDA BOYS music group. Their aim has always been to bring First World awareness to some of the dire conditions existing in the Third World.

Audio and Music Clients

Audio and Music Clients

David Frobisher
GWm Media produced a series of successful tracks for David> Lule%20David%20Frobisher
DM Celebrant - UK
DM Celebrant is an upcoming gospel singer based in UK. DM%20Celebrant
George Mulindwa
George Mulindwa is a Ugandan Singer based in USA. Produced managed and released by GWM MediaGeorge%20Mulindwa
George Williamz - UK
All music production, CD graphics and web designing and album release by GWM media. This album is available on, iTunes, Spotify and most of the major online music retailers and download sites.
Gugu Zulu - South africa
Gugu is a South African Praise and worship leader and paster based in Johannesburg.
Lucky II - UK
Music production by GWM media: Lucky%20II
Milly Namukasa - UK
GWM Media Produced a series of successful tracks for Milly> Milly%20Namukasa
Praising Stars - UK
Praising Stars are a group of three young sisters that have dedicated their childhood to praising and worshipping God using their angelic voices.
Revelation TV- UK
GWM was responsible for the production on a number of production music titles Used by Revelation TV for Channel Idents, Stings and promos. Titles like: Spanish African Horizon and Smooth motivator
Stella Nanteza - USA
Stella is a Gospel singer originally from Uganda, now residing in USA. All music production and CD cover graphics by GWM Media.

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