Live Entrainment, Game Shows, Live Concert, Band Rehearsals, Live Events & Business Conferences
GainAccess to an Exceptional Live Event Studio in Southern Spain

We have access to world-class studio facilities, strategically located in the picturesque south of Spain, provide the ideal canvas for your artistic expression.  Immerse yourself in the grandeur of our live event studio, complete with a top-of-the-line music stage, professional lighting, and a massive LED screen. With a capacity of up to 250 people, this is where your event truly comes alive.

This studio recently hosted a Live Concert with 250 Studio Audience for a 2 and a half hour live Television Programme.

Gn Studio1


  • Soundproofed to broadcast standards
  • Air-conditioned throughout
  • 2 Green Rooms, make up and dressing rooms
  • 4K Broadcast Gallery
  • Production Office (1st Floor)
  • Station wide Trilogy Talkback
  • Fully Equipped Motorized Lighting Rig
  • Staging 40ft x 40ft (60ft x 60ft available)
  • LED Videowall – 80 sqm 3.2mm
  • 400 Amp Power
  • Full RGBW LED Lighting and over 60 moving head lights to choose from
  • Sony Broadcast Studio cameras
  • Optional 4K PTZ Camera available
  • Dante IP Sound thoughout
  • Autocue or Porta-prompt
  • EVS and vMix multichannel record and playback systems
  • Meyer + Nexus PA System
  • Studio 1 Weight Limit of Roof loading is 18 tons
  • 180 KVA Generator backup generator
  • 160 KVA UPS for critical broadcast systems

What is this studio suitable for?

Introducing the Ultimate Venue for Unforgettable Live Entertainment Experiences!

From Live Television to Events Recording and Streaming

Studio 1 is and Ultimate Venue for Unforgettable Live Entertainment Experiences! Perfect for Live Entrainment, Game Shows, Concert, Band Rehearsal and Live Conferences.
  • All Fully Soundproofed
  • Air-conditioned throughout
  • Production Offices and Make Up Rooms.
  • Green Room Facility of up to 100 People (Basement Reception).
  • All spaces are connected by un-contended fibre internet.
  • Station wide Trilogy Talkback
  • Fully Equipped Motorised Lighting Rig
  • 4K Broadcast Gallery
  • Cyclorama available on request for all studios.
  • Edit and Grading Facilities with 3 X Final Cut Pro and Adobe Suites, plus Fully Equipped DaVinci Grading Suite.
  • Streaming and Live Production.
  • Fully equipped LIVE U encoders and decoders via MCR Operators for broadcast distribution.
  • Capable of going Live for streaming and broadcast via Satellite and BT Tower.

Soundproofed Perfection:

Enjoy an uninterrupted creative flow in our meticulously soundproofed space. Your sound stays in, and distractions stay out.

Wired for Excellence:

Studio 1 is wired throughout for both analog and digital audio and video, adhering to the latest specifications. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to seamless connectivity.

Vision and Audio Gallery

The fully equipped vision and sound gallery take your live television production and streaming to unprecedented heights. We provide the tools; you craft the masterpiece.

STUDIO 1 – Vision Gallery

Our fully equipped vision and sound gallery take your live television production and streaming to unprecedented heights. We provide the tools; you craft the masterpiece.

Kit list:
  • Sony X7000 4K Vision Mixer 60 Inputs 48 outputs
  • 55” 4K Multiview Screens
  • Newtek Talkshow VS100 with Skype TX
  • Zoom and Team Calls (Via VMix)
  • Trilogy staton-wide talkback
  • Yamaha NS10 audio monitoring
  • Grade 1 Oleds vision engineering monitors
  • 10 camera 2 operator RCP rack positions
  • Lighting Director position with Clarity XL lighting desk
  • Station-wide vision and sound routing
  • 10 Sony HDC 1500R Camera Channels on Vinten Peds
  • Realtime SRT and MPeg 4 live encoding
  • 15 production and technical positions
Rsw 600H 300Cg True 2

STUDIO 1 – Audio Gallery

  • Option of MIDAS or Behringer Mixing Consoles
  • Dante Digital Audio network
  • Sound assignable video Multi-view monitoring
  • Genlec audio monitors
  • Tech-Pro Audio PPMs and peak average displays
Rsw 600H 300Cg True 1

Music Recording & Mixing

Music mixing gallery available to all studios

  • Fully equipped music mixing gallery
  • Protools and Logic Multitrack recording
  • ATC 100 and 200 Monitoring Speakers
  • PMC U 1 Monitoring Speakers
  • ATC and PMC sub units
  • Video and Audio Connectivity to all studios


Portrait Square 09

Available for Churches and Special Live Events

Are you looking to elevate your church’s presence or produce ministry and company videos to a high professional standard? Whether you need a single-person on-camera presentation, green screen work, a talk show, or a full-scale stage production with your audience, our state-of-the-art studio recording facilities can make it happen. Take your project to the next level.

Get in touch with us at GWM Media to embark on your production journey like never before. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to making your project dreams a reality. Elevate your sound, captivate your audience, and let your talent shine brighter than ever.

Contact us now to explore the endless possibilities of your production genius!