Video Production and Post Productsion

Case Study
Revelation TV Montage Promo

A TV Programms Montage promo produced and edited by George William of GWM Media at The Revelation TV Studios – Spain. Video Content provided by Revelation TV.


  • George William – GWM Media
  • Revelation TV Staff


Video Promo Editing

Creative Process

The final promo video came from a relatively long process that included a series of tasks.

Music Production

The music track used for this project was customary produced in-house by George Williamz of GWM Media.

In The Mood

by George Williamz | Production Music

Source Clips

The video source clips were extracted from a series of previously recorded Revelation TV Programs. George had challenging task to look not only for exciting dramatic videos but also relevant sound bites that would flow and make sense. A process that proved to be time consuming as some of the source videos were over an hour lonbg.

Segment Title Graphics

The segment titles were created in Adobe After Effects.

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